What I Read in 2018

I committed to reading more in 2018. I generally read about 1 book a month but I decided I wanted to double that output in 2018. My strategy for reading includes a mixture of kindle, audible, and dead-tree books. I can usually knock out an audio book a month (depending on length) during the daily slog to work.

The complete list is below or you can find it over on Goodreads. I have included a few comments and starred the ones that I thought were especially good.

A note about reading preferences

I read a range of stuff. A lot of the recommendations come from friends. Some I seek out when I discover something new or interesting. When I was younger I read a TON of Fantasy and Science Fiction. I generally avoid Fantasy these days unless I get a recommendation from someone I trust. The different worlds started to run together after a while and the fatigue set in.

These days I read a lot more historical accounts, biographies and science fictions. My younger self spent more time thinking about worlds that didn’t exist. Now that I am older (but not much wiser) I am more interested in the why and the how of the modern world. When I need a break from the past and the present then Science Fiction has become the outlet.

The List

1. Alien: Out of the Shadows

Grabbed this as an Audible Original for free. The narration was really interesting (full cast and sound effects) and the story was exactly what you would expect from the Alien universe.

2. Dune

I went back to read some of the SciFi classics I had skipped growing up. What a gem.

3. Life 3.0

I read Super Intelligence last year. This was good for one person’s perspective on the future but overall it was just OK. I probably would not read it again.

*4. The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

Great book. Really fascinating. I learned a lot from this. For example I did not realize how wrapped up in the Salomon Brothers’ (of Liar’s Poker fame) Buffet was. This offered a great example of what someone can achieve by building and protecting their reputation for a long time.

5. Born To Run

I have alway loved to run. This book got me in my first pair of Altras

6. Measure What Matters

7. The High Cost of Free Parking

Read this for work. Technically I started it two years earlier.. only read if you really love city planning

*8. A Gentleman In Moscow

I normally do not read this genre. Picked it up on a whim and LOVED it. The references to classic Russian literature reminded me that I had never actually read any of the Russian classics. So with that I read..

9. War And Peace

Yeah I read it. All of it. This was a difficult read. It took me a long time to commit characters and their nicknames to memory. It is an interest novel and I’m not sure I am smart enough to really appreciate it. I can respect it though. Also the ending was a complete letdown.

10. The Blade Itself

11. Before They Are Hanged

12. The Last Argument of Kings

*13. The Book of Joy

*14. Wool

15. Shift

16. Dust

17. The Four by Scot Galloway

*18. Team of Rivals

Is this the best book on Lincoln? I certainly have not read them all but this one was really good.

19. Cryptoassets by Chris Burniske, Jack Tatar

Read this one during the boom. The book was technically written and released right before things really got crazy.

*20. Shoe Dog

If nothing else read it for the description of Phil Knights first trip to Japan. Talk about making your own luck. That took an amount of guts most people do not have.

21. The Everything Store

22. Project Management Lite by Juana Clark Craig

Read for work. Needed a quick strategy for tackling some short term PM duties.

23. Principles by Ray Dalio

Interesting ideas about managing an organization. I am not sure I agree with him or would want to work with him. It worked for him though.

*24. Never Split the Difference

I listened to this one on Audible. Then I listened to it again.